Josh Rampi, LMFT

Divorce Family Speciality

Collaborative Divorce Teams are designed for couples who are facing a crisis or transition time in their family relationship and want to create hope for the entire family to have a good future. Whether or not a couple will separate or divorce, both husband and wife recognize the need to work respectfully together for the sake of their children and families.

The Collaborative divorce process offers a completely private and confidential solution to address emotional, psychological, financial and legal tasks that occur with a separation or divorce. This process also has the opportunity to assist with reconciliation.

As a Coach, I help guide couples through this process by helping them get the most value out of the professionals they work with. I also help couples address the underlying emotional or psychological issues which will help them achieve a deeper resolution and long term success. I assist couples by developing effective communication skills and techniques to reduce anxiety so they can express creative solutions and make informed decisions about their future. As a Coach, I also support couples in the drafting of future orientated parenting and communication plans.

As a Child Specialist, I assist the children and their families in addressing the needs that arise as the family restructures from a family living in one home to a family living in two homes. I meet with parents to obtain developmental information, identify family strengths and set goals for the children’s needs in the process. I also meet with the children to assess their hopes and needs for the future. As a Child Specialist, I help the parents create a future orientated parenting plan. Together, both parents and I develop detailed plans for child transitions, on-duty and off-duty parenting time, parenting philosophies and much more.

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Divorce Family Specialist

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