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We Are An Experienced Network of Independent Divorce Professionals
Our goal is to help you learn about the divorce options available in Minnesota.  We provide unbiased, up-to-date information that will help you understand and manage the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.
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Get Advice From Divorce Professionals

Get Advice From Professionals

Divorce Options Workshops are presented by our team of independent divorce professionals with experience in all areas of divorce, child custody, financial settlement options, mediation, and counseling.

Our team of professionals help you explore your options so you can make informed decisions about which process will most likely lead to your desired outcome.

Divorce Options Workshops are designed to help you take control of your divorce and move forward with your life.


Divorce Attorneys

Our Attorney’s will help ensure that you understand your legal rights as well as options for resolution so that you can make well-informed decisions surrounding your legal matter.

Divorce Financial Specialists

Our Financial Specialists can be particularly helpful in answering the question of how a divorcing couple can manage the transition from one household to two households, in a way that maintains financial stability.


Child and Family Specialists

Our Divorce Coaches and Child and Family Specialists will help you and your spouse navigate the emotional aspects of divorce. They can also help you make child centered decisions around parenting time and custody.

About Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Minnesota is a network of independent divorce professionals committed to using Collaborative Law to help you and your partner reach agreements that are in the best interest of you, your family and your children.
Advantages of Collaborative Divorce


Respect and effective communication.

Clients choose Collaborative Divorce because they want to have a respectful process that enhances effective communication.

You have control over the process.

In the collaborative process, you and your partner take responsibility for shaping the divorce settlement, rather than the courts or judges.

You negotiate your own settlement.

Every family is different and Collaborative Divorce recognizes that. Together with the professional team, you and your partner work out a detailed agreement that is much more in-depth and customized than the traditional divorce decree, especially when it comes to parenting time and financial matters.

You have support through the process.

Our professional team members are experienced and provide compassionate service with proven results.

You can save time and money.

Collaborative Divorce avoids long, difficult and often expensive court battles.

You can create a better future for your family.

In Collaborative Divorce, parents can work with a Divorce Coach or Child and Family Specialist to lay the foundation for a healthier parenting relationship and reduce the impact of divorce on the children.

You can avoid court involvement.

There is no court involvement other than to sign the final legal documents.

About Collaborative Divorce

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