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Glen Norton Family Law Attorney

Glen Norton

Glen A. Norton has been practicing law since 1986, primarily focusing in family law, including: Divorce/Marriage Dissolution, Collaborative Divorce and Cooperative Law, Child Support, Custody and Modifications, Visitation, Property Division, Spousal Maintenance, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), Antenuptial Agreements, Paternity, Domestic Violence/Abuse, Adoption. Learn more
Rebecca Guyette Family Law Attorney

Rebecca Guyette

Rebecca has been practicing family law for eighteen years, and has guided many clients through challenging life transitions. Her practice includes marriage dissolution, child custody, paternity, antenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Rebecca also works as a family law mediator. Learn more
Jennifer Beckman Family Law Attorney

Jennifer Beckman

Jennifer A. Beckman is a partner of Beckman Steen & Lungstrom, P.A.  Jennifer has practiced family law since 1987. She initially trained to become a marriage and family therapist, however, her passion for helping families led her to law school. Her family law practice includes divorce, collaborative divorce, child custody/parenting time, child support, property division, spousal maintenance, post-decree issues, paternity and domestic abuse. Learn more
Leslie Kimes Family Law Attorney

Leslie Kimes

As a member of the Collaborative Law Institute since 1992, I have been specifically trained to help the parties work as a team rather than as adversaries, focusing on common interests, as well as their individual needs for the future. 

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Jennifer Nixon Family Law Attorney

Jennifer Nixon

Jennifer decided at a young age to pursue a career in the law, telling friends and family since she was a teenager that she wanted to be a divorce attorney. After earning her degree in Criminology and Political Science from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, she graduated from William Mitchell College of Law, where she worked as a research assistant for the Dean of the college. Learn more
Sandra Connealy Zick Family Law Attorney

Sandra Connealy Zick

Sandra has been practicing law since 1996, primarily focusing in family law.  Her family law practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, mediation, collaborative law, criminal defense, post-decree issues, and domestic abuse. Learn more
Amanda Mason-Sekula | Divorce Options Minnesota

Amanda Mason-Sekula

I have worked within the Twin Cities Legal and Financial Services industry for the past fourteen years. I am a professional with formal education in law, financial analysis and operations, budget development, cost benefit analysis and project management.

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Divorce Financial Specialists

Amy Holewa Certified Financial Planner, CFP®, CDFA™

Amy Holewa

With over 20 years of financial services expertise, and certification as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I serve as a neutral third party for clients during unique financial situations.  Having a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) on the team provides additional expertise to find a fair division of your finances. Learn more
Mike Miller Certified Financial Planner, CFP®

Mike Miller

Mike is a divorced parent, stepparent, and parent of a special needs child. He experienced firsthand the anxiety, fear, frustrations, and pain of divorce after a long-term marriage himself. While every divorce is unique, Mike wants you to know he has traveled a similar path. It is these and other life experiences along with his professional background that make Mike uniquely qualified to help families in conflict. Learn more

Divorce Coach and Child and Family Specialists

Josh Rampi Divorce Family Specialist, LMFT

Josh Rampi

As a Child Specialist, I assist the children and their families in addressing the needs that arise as the family restructures from a family living in one home to a family living in two homes. I meet with parents to obtain developmental information, identify family strengths and set goals for the children’s needs in the process. 

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Karen Hasse LP & LMFT | Divorce Options MN

Karen Hasse

Throughout her career, Karen has enjoyed assisting families use their strengths to navigate changes in their lives.  For those families experiencing separation or divorce, Karen uses a respectful and sensitive approach to help couples face their new future.

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